Bunny Sweeney Styling Co.

Hi, I'm Stevie!

I’m a Fashion Stylist based in Austin, Texas.

I have an unabated passion for style and self-expression and a simple mission to help others burst and bloom. With a biography regarding many realms of the fashion and beauty industry, it's likely I’ve got the experience to quell even your craziest what-ifs when it comes to personal and production styling.

With clients ranging from designers launching new collections to bands gearing up for a tour, the work I do isn’t limited to the usual menu of stylist services. If your needs are related to wardrobe or styling direction in any way, chances are we’ll be quite the pair.

Get in Touch!

Some of Stevie’s clients include: Merrymen Magazine, Tribeza, Eastside Magazine, Luckyhound Records, Arete Music, Mo&Co Bags, and Mexchico USA. View my portfolio!


My Background

In 2007 I became a licensed Cosmetologist and worked behind the chair in Minneapolis, N.Y.C. and Portland, Oregon. After retiring from the salon in 2013, my experience in the beauty industry only sweetened my skill set and continues to contribute to how I conceptualize aesthetic goals today. I love adapting the non-traditional and completely obscure to an everyday look— A celebrated approach to styling that I extracted from my time in the hair world, no doubt!

Despite an inherent sense of style and intrinsic ability to conceive creative combinations in the way of dress, my keen understanding of flattering fit and quality garments was not born solely of intuition. In 2013 I landed a key role assisting powerhouse stylist, Scarlet Chamberlin, in Portland, Oregon and today, join forces on the regular with Austin’s favorite, Laurel Kinney. Working with these incredible entrepreneurs and decorated stylists has provided me with invaluable resources and tremendous tricks of the trade.


My Work

With a practical and discerning approach to each project, I adapt the myriad of skills and understanding I’ve gained to best suit each client’s needs and level of comfortability. I genuinely enjoy the work that I do and have a down to earth personality that usually gives way to plenty of laughs and a memorable and fun experience on set or in your closet.

Whether you need help illuminating your latest creation or you can’t seem to get your bandmates to come together on one killer look, I’m prepared to unlock a new sense of confidence, consistency and excitement when it comes to representing your individual style. Get in touch and let’s see what kind of magic we can make! View my portfolio!


Off Duty

When I’m not seeking out artistic collaborations you can find me in my sewing studio dreaming up new silhouettes for thrift store gems or sharing a cheese plate with my best gals.

I also love styling my home where original tunes are always streaming out the windows by my musician hubby who calls me, “Bunny”. Let’s hang out!